We stock over 60 old school candies.

We stock over 60 old school candies.

The Willow Glen Sweet Shoppe is owned and operated by a Willow Glen Family.

We have organized enough space for two party areas and can seat up to 40 people. We make partying easy by supplying the gelato, gift bags and games. You can bring your own food and cake at no extra cost.  You can have it all delivered to the Shoppe if you like. Check out our Party Page for more details.

Even though we moved a few things around, we kept the old school charm and great products that makes the Shoppe awesome. It was important for us to give our customers a place to sit and hang out. You can now enjoy our incredible gelato, chocolates and cotton candy comfortably in the clutter free Shoppe. 

One of the biggest additions to the Shoppe has been Schurra's Fine Confections. Come in and give these chocolates a try.  They are fantastic.

A lot of people ask if we have Albanese Gummy Bears.  We do.  We actually have a bunch of Albanese products and have labeled the bins that contain these great tasting treats.